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Each year, Americans spend 50 billion dollars on plastic bottled water. This is equivalent to $1,500 worth of plastic bottles per second.

In 2014 the San Francisco the first city in the world to ban bottled water. Instead of focussing on recycling these water bottles, they are looking to be completely waste-free by 2018. 

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The Concert Industry Is Slowly Moving Away From Plastic Bottles

Plastic and music industry seems unrelated but the enormous amount of plastic wastes in concerts are inevitable, especially due to the popularity of the simple single-use containers for beer, water and soda. But according to Dianna Cohen, an environmental activist/artist there’s hope. She is also a co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution.

Cohen’s project Plastic Free Touring sprouted out from her broader Plastic Free Living initiative. The project encourage touring performers to reduce their plastic footprint on the road and how to do so. The Coalition has worked with artists such as Jackson Browne, Ben Harper and Crosby, Stills and Nash as well as Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to provide fans and artists with reusable, stainless-steel containers to use instead of disposable cups. She hopes to spread this project in all the major music festivals to promote reusable containers and to advocate to break the addiction of bottle water in recent years.

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Avoid Plastic

Many plastic bottle companies today  over-use the phrase “BPA Free”. But does this mean it is still safe for the human body?

Bisphenol A or in short BPA is a carbon based synthetic compound frequently found in plastics. After several studies found negative side effects on fetuses and infants via BPA, the U.S Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of baby bottles that contain BPA since 2012. Many replaced BPA with bisphenol S (BPS), not knowing that this is as harmful as BPA.

Read more to learn about the new studies on BPS and its negative health effects on human body. 



“Amalie’s Fountain”: GLOBALTAP Boston Launch at Rose Kennedy Greenway

Our next step towards reducing plastic bottle consumption. GLOBALTAP founder Daniel Whitman, Greenway conservancy’s Executive Director Jesse Brackenbury, Carousel Donor Amalie Kass and the fountain donors Christina and Ken Hecht attended the unveiling of the Amalie’s Fountain on July 18th at Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Amalie’s Fountain is a donation from GLOBALTAP to honor Amalie Kass and to express their commitment towards making Boston’s children happier and healthier. 100 reusable DrinkUP water bottles were handed out to the first 100 patrons to support Michelle Obamas DrinkUp campaign.
From the left, Greenway Conservancy Executive Director Jesse Brackenbury, Carousel donor Amalie Kass with Fountain donor, Christina Hecht.

From the left, Greenway Conservancy Executive Director Jesse Brackenbury, Carousel donor Amalie Kass with Fountain donor, Christina Hecht.

From the left, Ken Hetch, Christina Hecht and the GLOBALTAP founder, Daniel Whitman

From the left, Ken Hecht, Christina Hecht and the GLOBALTAP founder, Daniel Whitman

And yes we did not forget our best friends :)

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Nestle Neglects Serious California Drought

As California drought has entered its third year of its most severe droughts on record, water restrictions have increased across the state. Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) declared a drought state of emergency in January 2014 in order to prepare for water shortages during the summer. Regardless of the emergency water situation in the Golden State, Nestle continues bottling and selling spring water from the state. [ Check out satellite images of the drought ]

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water owned by Nestle continues bottling water from the Millard Canyon spring California for more than a decade and also packages purified water under Nestle Pure Life brand from the Morongo Band of Mission Indians reservation. The rain falls in these locations are limited for just three inches of rain each year and prevents water from filling aquifers of the towns nearby creating a water crisis during the drought. [ Read more about how Nestle bottled water negatively affect the environment as well as the communities..]

Study Finds Over 24,000 Chemicals In Bottled Water

German Researchers at the Goethe University Frankfurt and German Federal Institute of Hydrology have found over 24,000 chemicals in bottled water. According to their research, these chemicals interfere with our hormone system, cause tumors, birth defects, cardiovascular disorders and development disorders. Plus 24,000 is a lot of chemicals to put in our bodies without knowing what side effects that can cause. [ Read the full story] 


Encourage your community to build free access to water through filling stations. Contact us for more information.


Happy World Water Day and Big Thanks to Our Facebook Fans for the 35,000 Likes

GLOBALTAP reached 35,000 likes on World Water Day 2014. We are thankful to all of our fans and customers all around the world for helping us raise awareness of water as a human right.


Support us on our mission, ” All humans must have access to clean water..” We highly value your feedback, so leave a comment here on the website or on Facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts.

“Water is a Human Right, not a privilege.”

Happy World Water Day to all !





Drink Tap Water and Say No to Bottled Water

Michelle Obama’s and Partnership for a Healthier America’s (PHA) “Drink-Up” water campaign encourages everyone to drink water, both tap and bottled. Companies such as Coca-Cola seized this opportunity to market their bottled water while discouraging people to drink tap water in many occasions and secretly encouraging to drink their beverage products other than water. [ Read the full story by Nancy Huehnergarth]

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GLOBALTAP at Golden Gate with Lifefactory

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is part of the larger U.S. National Park Service, where plastic bottles represent 1/3 to 1/2 the trash left by visitors? GLOBALTAP Stations like this help limit the use of disposable plastic water bottles in your neighborhood, tourist attractions, parks and schools.


This GLOBALTAP Station is located on the southeast side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion adjacent to the Visitor Center and Gift Shop where thousands of people visit each day. Special thanks to Lifefactory for donating this filling station at the perfect time; a week before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors set to vote on a proposal that phase-out the sale of plastic water bottles on city property. The proposal was approved within few weeks and San Francisco is on the run to achieve its goal, zero net waste and 100% sustainable by 2020.


Daniel Whitman, CEO of GLOBALTAP joined the opening ceremony with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, National Park Service and the donor of this filling station Lifefactory.


So next time you visit or cross Golden Gate Bridge, don’t forget to bring your reusable bottle to support San Francisco’s environmental cause.