GLOBALTAP featured on Danish Broadcasting Station


Each year, Americans spend 50 billion dollars on plastic bottled water. This is equivalent to $1,500 worth of plastic bottles per second.

In 2014 the San Francisco the first city in the world to ban bottled water. Instead of focussing on recycling these water bottles, they are looking to be completely waste-free by 2018. 

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GLOBALTAP in Boston Rose Kennedy Greenway

We are very happy to announce about our new GLOBALTAP station at one of the Boston’s most beloved public spaces, Rose Kennedy Greenway Park.

This new GLOBALTAP station is located right in between the carousel and Boston Harbor Islands pavilion. You will be able to enjoy the new healthy, sustainable addition to the Greenway donated by GLOBALTAP, from tomorrow July 18th.  [ Read the full story by Nick DeLuca from the City News ]

Let us know about your thoughts and feedback. 

Happy World Water Day and Big Thanks to Our Facebook Fans for the 35,000 Likes

GLOBALTAP reached 35,000 likes on World Water Day 2014. We are thankful to all of our fans and customers all around the world for helping us raise awareness of water as a human right.


Support us on our mission, ” All humans must have access to clean water..” We highly value your feedback, so leave a comment here on the website or on Facebook. We would love to hear your thoughts.

“Water is a Human Right, not a privilege.”

Happy World Water Day to all !





GLOBALTAP at Golden Gate with Lifefactory

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is part of the larger U.S. National Park Service, where plastic bottles represent 1/3 to 1/2 the trash left by visitors? GLOBALTAP Stations like this help limit the use of disposable plastic water bottles in your neighborhood, tourist attractions, parks and schools.


This GLOBALTAP Station is located on the southeast side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion adjacent to the Visitor Center and Gift Shop where thousands of people visit each day. Special thanks to Lifefactory for donating this filling station at the perfect time; a week before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors set to vote on a proposal that phase-out the sale of plastic water bottles on city property. The proposal was approved within few weeks and San Francisco is on the run to achieve its goal, zero net waste and 100% sustainable by 2020.


Daniel Whitman, CEO of GLOBALTAP joined the opening ceremony with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, National Park Service and the donor of this filling station Lifefactory.


So next time you visit or cross Golden Gate Bridge, don’t forget to bring your reusable bottle to support San Francisco’s environmental cause.



Jamie Oliver at Health Happens Here: Water vs Sugary Drinks in Schools


TV personality and British Chef Jamie Oliver incorporates Food Revolution  with California Endowment and brings awareness to Sacramento during “Health Happens Here/Aquí” Campaign. Health Happens Here is focused on promoting prevention by transforming communities to make healthy choices and access to affordable, quality health care available to all families done by California Endowment. Thank you for thinking of GLOBALTAP as a part of your great cause.

By providing access to free water we can combat obesity among our children across the nation. Do you also have a campaign that promotes health? Let us know.

Need a GLOBALTAP Station in your school to encourage children to drink more water and say no to sugary drinks? Contact us.


GLOBALTAP CEO Daniel Whitman with First Lady Michelle Obama: Drink-Up more water Campaign

Drink Up Campaign

GLOBALTAP CEO Daniel Whitman with First Lady Michelle Obama during “Drink Up” Launch, Watertown Wisconsin. GLOBALTAP is one of the organizations that have committed to encourage everyone to drink more water more often to support the vision of our First Lady Michelle Obama. We are studying the possibilities of promoting Drink Up messages through our efforts.

Global Health Discussion Features GT Founder Daniel Whitman

Water Everywhere

TED is a widely recognized forum for sharing ideas, expanding concepts, and creating solutions. TEDxSF:  7 Billion Well, brought together a wide range of  professionals to discuss strategies and solutions relating to global health. Daniel Whitman, GLOBALTAP Founder, was present to speak about the crucial role and symbolic meaning water carries connecting individuals and societies with the environment. See Dan’s presentation below: