San Fran Rolls Out Tap Water Refilling Stations

Those who live in San Francisco may have noticed strange new contraptions located around the city. These metal boxes are the new official “tap water refilling stations.”

The “refilling stations” are a project of the Department of the Environment, the Public Utilities Commission and Global Tap and are designed, according to the press release, “to promote free access to San Francisco’s great tasting tap water.” There are currently seven stations located around the city, but they plan to have a total of 15 units installed.

“People take for granted what’s in front of them, and that’s definitely the case for tap water,” said Tyrone Jue, spokesman for the PUC. “We need to remind people every chance we get that bottled water just isn’t necessary.” According to the PUC, the city’s tap water costs $.003 per gallon versus $1-$4 per gallon of bottled water. And it’s much better for the environment since it doesn’t come in plastic bottles.

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