GLOBALTAP Station at the Yerba Buena Park, CA

yerba buena park CA

These ladies visit our tap station in Yerba Buena Park in California every week, to fill up their reusable bottles.

GLOBALTAP thanks Dan Verakis for sharing this amazing picture. Public drinking water accessibility is more than a convenience, it is a necessity.

Please share with us, when you see our GLOBALTAP stations next time. Let us know how you like them or if you would like, one of our water fountains in your neighborhood or in your community.

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GLOBALTAP in Toronto: Clean Water Foundation



TorontoOnTap is a program designed to increase water bottle filling stations in high traffic areas in Toronto by Clean Water Foundation. We are happy that they have chosen GLOBALTAP for this great task. This program is also working with private and public organizations in Toronto to provide water bottle filling stations throughout the city to deliver easy access to tap water at any time to the locals.

Want to know more about the program? Click here.


Water Fasting, Best Detox Cleanse: What do you think?

Tyler Tolman, explains from this video how you can benefit from water fasting. Means no food but water. He claims that there are many water fasting benefits including how the brain can grow and can make you more intelligent when you fast. By fasting you give your body a chance to breath and clean with the help of water. Let us know what you think?



The Concert Industry Is Slowly Moving Away From Plastic Bottles

Plastic and music industry seems unrelated but the enormous amount of plastic wastes in concerts are inevitable, especially due to the popularity of the simple single-use containers for beer, water and soda. But according to Dianna Cohen, an environmental activist/artist there’s hope. She is also a co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution.

Cohen’s project Plastic Free Touring sprouted out from her broader Plastic Free Living initiative. The project encourage touring performers to reduce their plastic footprint on the road and how to do so. The Coalition has worked with artists such as Jackson Browne, Ben Harper and Crosby, Stills and Nash as well as Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to provide fans and artists with reusable, stainless-steel containers to use instead of disposable cups. She hopes to spread this project in all the major music festivals to promote reusable containers and to advocate to break the addiction of bottle water in recent years.

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Shocking Results: When a Woman Drinks Gallon Of Water Every Day For Four Weeks

Sarah Smith, a 42 year old mother in the UK decided to document and photograph of herself to experiment what happens if she drank 3 liters of water everyday for an entire month. She wanted to see if water is the solution for her poor indigestion and regular headaches.

Here’s the result. End of week one, she improved bowl function, no more breakouts and headaches and she also improved her issues with joint stiffness. End of week two, she noticed a slight improvement in her skin, visibly flatter stomach, no more cellulite and another week without headache. End of week three, her dark circles and eye wrinkles had disappeared and her skin has become plumper.

She also noticed a behavioral change. She had started to intake less food and felt hunger less frequently. In the end of the final week, she noticed all the dark shadows around her eyes have disappeared as well as the blotches. No more regular headaches. She felt leaner, fitter and healthier just by changing the intake amount of water.

Read more about the Sarah Smith Story here. And drink more water for a healthier life style.


Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat

Planning to lose weight? Sip water throughout the day. Have it always handy. Drinking water throughout the day will make you feel full and it will also speed up your metabolism.

Dehydration can cause many health problems and hinder most of the organs in human body; skin, bladder, kidneys you name it.

This article gives you 11 reasons to drink water throughout the day. Dehydration can cause fatigue, high blood pressure, asthma, skin disorders, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, bladder/kidney problems, constipation, joint pain, weight gain and premature aging.

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It’s a “megadrought”. California and other western states are in the edge of facing a megadrought according to research between scientists at Cornell University, the University of Arizona, and the U.S. Geological Survey. These droughts can last up to 35 years can be worse than anything seen in the last 2,000 years.


Read more about this water crisis here.


Boston Launch with Matt O’Malley and Antonia Pollak

“Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley was joined Thursday by Boston Park and Recreation Commissioner Antonia Pollak and Daniel H. Whitman, founder of GLOBALTAP, for the unveiling of a “state-of-the-art” public water filling station at the corner of the Jamaicaway and Perkins Street in Jamaica Plain, city officials said in a statement.”